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How time flies. In July 2021, we started this blog with the intention of raising awareness of the need to take responsibility for your own retirement provision and to slowly but steadily build up assets using the opportunities offered by the capital market. In just under two months, it will be the third anniversary of this day. A lot has happened since then.

While we mainly focused on the German pension system in the initial phase, the focus has recently been more on Bitcoin. The most important cryptocurrency is not just another vehicle for diversification, but also covers such a wide range of topics relating to technical, social, mathematical, energy and political aspects. In between, there were occasional motivational articles, ETF articles, savings tricks, tool and provider presentations and book recommendations. We have also published one or two articles on day trading.

Currently, a new article is usually published once a week. We are about to publish the 200th article on According to Google Analytics, the financial blog was recently visited by around 400 readers per month, generating traffic of around 20 GB per month. The advertising sales and affiliate income now easily cover the costs, although the company’s own working hours are barely remunerated and are well below the minimum wage. However, monetary success is of secondary importance, as it is primarily about the cause and, for the author, also about having fun. However, working on the blog has already paved the way to new contacts and an expanded network with additional opportunities for the future. launched

Today it is time to announce the next milestone: From now on, the articles on TradingForFuture will also be published in English, which makes a broader target group possible and thus potentially higher sales – provided the new domain is accepted for this at some point. To achieve this, a certain reach must first be built up and a longer history of regular publications must be demonstrated.

To receive the articles in English, simply click on the flag symbol next to the date above the website logo or access the website directly via The monthly costs for domain, hosting and storage have doubled.

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to every like, the sharing of our articles and of course any feedback that can be shared with us directly via the social networks! Thank you for your support!

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