Positive perseverance is essential for happiness and success

If you want to be successful on the stock market and especially in trading, in fact in your entire life, you not only have to set yourself the necessary goals, but also always look to the future with optimism and perseverance. Only those who assume that the stock market, and therefore the global economy, will continue to grow and that the shift in our needs, and therefore the change in supply and demand, will constantly create new successful companies, are allowed to invest in the stock market.

Anyone who believes that the third world war is imminent and that the next bubble could soon burst, on the other hand, would be better off spending their money straight away and enjoying a few pleasant hours. And anyone who gets cold feet after the first setback is not thinking long-term and is simply not persistent enough , even with smaller savings plans. They will all fail.

Everyone goes through difficult times

If you really want to succeed in life, you should stay away from negativity. There are some emotional leeches out there who seek the attention of others with their supposedly big problems and only complain about their suffering: the bad employer who pays far too little. The evil corporation that exploits everyone and constantly raises prices to increase its own profits. Or the stupid boss who criticizes his employees day after day. The expensive car that has to go to the garage again. Even a well-deserved vacation and your own wedding can be spoiled by negative people.

The list of possible everyday problems can be quite long, but they can affect anyone and you are never alone with them, because such situations are initially the same for everyone. Only how you react to them determines how you deal with them. Different actions follow from one’s own perspective, which lead to different results. Everyone is the architect of their own happiness. If you use others to offload your problems, you quickly become an intolerable person for them and it is better to avoid their company.

Our goals as a driving force must be constantly strengthened

Our goals must therefore be repeatedly sharpened like a knife. Only repetition turns an idea into reality and ensures that we keep working on them. No matter what happens: Staying optimistic and positive gives you more energy and better emotions, which can be used to drive you in a positive direction.

It is not the situation, but the reaction to it that determines the future.

There is something positive in every situation

No matter how bad something is, it always turns out well! Ex-Navy Seal Jocko Willink once said this in a podcast. There will always be people who are in a much worse situation than you are. But you can take something positive from every situation. For many, losing a job may initially mean a loss of income and therefore a restriction in life, but it can also open the door to a better-paid job or a job where you can live your life to the full. The end of a relationship or friendship frees up time for others. New people are constantly entering our lives who can have a positive influence on us.

Boundless optimism and perseverance are the game changers in life and strengthen our self-confidence, allowing us to keep moving forward.

Always think positively and keep going

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, had to put up with over 10,000 failures before he finally had the breakthrough for his idea. He could have buried his head in the sand at any time on the road to success and simply put his idea and vision aside. Instead, he got up again and again and kept going – even when his entire laboratory with all his previous work burned down. He never let himself be discouraged from believing in his vision. He always reacted positively to every situation:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways in which it doesn’t work!

Thomas A. Edison

We will fall down again and again on our way to success, but only those who stay down are guaranteed to lose. We have to get up again and again and keep going. We don’t have to be the smartest, the best or the most athletic. We don’t need a lot of talent. Rather, it is the ability to remain persistent and optimistic through discipline. The worst case of failure will be the same for everyone. If it’s not done yet, it’s not over yet. With every supposed problem, we get more opportunities to solve them!

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  • Scheiß auf die Glücksfee! Ich mach das jetzt selbst: Wie du dir mit dem Gesetz der Anziehung alles manifestierst, was du dir wünschst (SPIEGEL-BESTSELLER)
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