Until the end of June: save >10% when shopping online with Mastercard

If you want to save money when shopping, it is best not only to take advantage of the retailers’ bonus programs, but ideally also to use the right payment method. There are a variety of different credit and debit cards that pay back a certain amount of cashback on every purchase, making purchases cheaper. As a rule, the points, miles or cryptocurrencies collected can be exchanged for vouchers, flight rewards or simply cash. We have already presented a few examples several times in this blog.

Mastercard holders can now take advantage of a particularly attractive rewards promotion and receive up to 10% cashback on their online purchases. During the promotional period from April 15 to June 30, 2024, holders of a debit or credit card from the US card issuer can earn additional cashback for every online transaction and receive up to €5 per payment back to their card account after briefly registering their card number and providing an email address.

If you then pay online with your Mastercard, two to five days later you will receive 10% of the purchase amount back, with a maximum of 5 euros per transaction. The cashback is also capped at a maximum of 25 euros per Mastercard. For example, anyone who spends 10 euros on Amazon* will receive one euro back. However, if you make a purchase for 60 euros, you save the maximum possible

It’s that simple:

  • Fill out the registration form
  • Pay for online purchases with your registered Mastercard
  • 3 – 5 days later the cashback will appear on your card account

With a few tricks, you can really take advantage of the promotion

What’s more, those who use the Curve card can even save twice. Firstly, with a registered Mastercard on file, you receive a second 10% cashback for every online transaction, and secondly, you can also save in stationary retail, for example at the supermarket checkout or petrol pump, because Curve passes on the original transaction as an online payment to the Mastercard on file, which triggers the cashback.

If you are creative, you can really save here. Via PayBack*, for example, you can currently purchase a voucher of your choice with 14 times the points credit and use it in combination. When you buy a 50 euro voucher, for example, you get 3.25 euros back in PayBack points, and on top of that you can tap into the Mastercard cashback twice by paying with the Curve card. This means you end up paying just 36 euros for a 50-euro voucher. This corresponds to a saving of almost 28%. The voucher of your choice can then be redeemed at numerous supermarkets or via Amazon*. Theoretically, five such vouchers can be ordered.

If you have used up your 25 euro Mastercard cashback, simply use the next Mastercard. Each card must be registered separately for this. Among other things, virtual Mastercard cards can be purchased from Revolut* completely free of charge. The promotion actually only applies to cards issued in Germany and only for customers resident in Germany. However, at least the cards from Curve* and Revolut* work for this cashback promotion without any problems.

In our credit card comparison, numerous free cards are offered, such as those from Advanzia, TF Bank, N26, C24 or SumUp. Only transactions related to gambling, betting sites, money transfers and banking services are excluded.

The detailed conditions of participation and FAQs can be found on the corresponding Mastercard promotion page.

Have fun saving!

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