State elections in Bavaria and Hesse: An election appeal

Anyone who doesn’t vote is stupid” – that was the provocative message I used on Twitter in my last election appeal for the 2021 federal election. I am still of this opinion and therefore once again ask all eligible voters to go to the ballot box in the state elections in Bavaria and Hesse.

The reasons are actually quite simple: If you don’t take part in elections, you can’t complain later if things don’t turn out the way you actually imagined. After all, you would have had the opportunity to vote for someone else. If you don’t vote, you just let things happen. Much worse, you show disrespect for all those who were not lucky enough to have grown up in a free and liberal democracy and therefore cannot shape their lives of their own free will. At the same time, one shames one’s ancestors who have laboriously earned and even fought for this gift. It is therefore the duty of every citizen to go to the polls.

A democracy thrives on participation. It is one of the most important pillars of our society. Everyone can participate in shaping our future and choose their stakeholders. Politics at the state level has a direct impact on our daily lives: Education, healthcare, infrastructure, environmental protection, economic development and much more are the issues for which decisive action is taken in the state governments.

Every vote counts and makes a difference

Every vote determines which political direction is taken. Especially in times of increasing polarization and populism, it is crucial to support issue-oriented politicians. By voting in elections, you can do your part to keep extremism and radical ideas at bay.

Everyone has the same voice in elections – regardless of identity, gender or financial means. Our society is characterized by diversity. Elections are the perfect opportunity to live out and promote these principles! Those who vote take responsibility for future generations and thus do exactly what our predecessor generations did for us. Above all, every vote contributes to the strengthening of our liberal democracy. It can only function effectively if everyone actively participates in it!

Every vote is a valuable asset and a fundamental right. Please take the time to learn about the candidates and party platforms and vote in the 2023 state elections in Hesse and Bavaria! Your vote makes the difference for our country and society!

P.S.: If you have not yet decided which party and which people you should vote for: Wahl-O-Mat can help!

Andreas Stegmüller

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