Andreas about himself

There’s really not much to say: My name is Andreas Stegmüller, I was born at the beginning of 1990 and weigh about 85 kg with a height of 1.89 m. I’m from Bavaria. I come from beautiful Bavaria, more precisely from Augsburg.

After graduating from high school, I studied business informatics at the university of applied sciences, but dropped out after two semesters. I have always followed the approach of having fun with what you do. I couldn’t get used to hacking code into computers all day and wanted to “do something with media” anyway. So in 2011 I decided to train as a media clerk in digital and print and from then on commuted to Munich every day for two years, where I was signed on by a major publishing house.

Dropped out of university, first journalistic experiences

At the publishing house, I got to know all the important departments within a media group and jumped from the events to the advertising department, got to know sales or took care of the websites, but I quickly put out feelers mainly for the various editorial departments. My employer at the time quickly realized that my interest lay less in commercial work and more in editorial work. I therefore spent most of my training in the editorial department, something I am still very grateful for today. There, I was eventually taught the basic tricks of journalism, took over as a vacation replacement for colleagues and, of course, wrote my own first news articles for a larger audience. It was like a small traineeship.

On the side, I had already been pounding the keys for a larger computer magazine since my school days. At the beginning, I was only responsible for moderating the forums, but I quickly wrote the first news for the homepage and was allowed to write my first test reports a short time later. This allowed me to kill two birds with one stone and combine my personal hobby with professional interests. After completing my apprenticeship, I turned down my trainer’s offer of a volunteer position and joined Hardwareluxx full-time.

With numerous assignments abroad at international trade fairs, I steadily took on more responsibility and was eventually appointed “chief of staff”. Since then, I have been taking care of editing the reports of freelance authors, distributing topics within a day and, of course, writing articles myself. My main areas of interest are notebooks and complete PCs, but also supporting (AMD) processors and custom graphics cards. The most important work is in the news section, because every day there is something new to report in the field of PC hardware.

The beginnings at the stock exchange

I discovered the stock market (unfortunately) relatively late. It must have been sometime around 2016. At that time, a buddy approached me and told me about someone who was able to make a lot of money with very little work. It was binary options combined with the Martingale strategy. Money was quickly pooled, diligently alternating between pressing “call” and “put” every minute, and doubling the bet after each loss. As the devil would have it, the attempt was of course not sustainable and we pulled the ripcord after only a few days.

Somehow, however, the whole topic continued to captivate me and I opened a real securities account at my house bank, bought the first funds and occupied myself with many indicators, trading strategies and CFD trading. I completed my first training, which was designed for the long term. I will certainly write about that in detail in this blog.

Trading and long term depots constantly optimized

I developed steadily and realized that I needed the kick in trading and therefore switched to day trading instead of holding positions for several days and weeks. As my experience grew, I came to realize that short-term stock market trading is primarily dependent on psychology and probabilities. In CFD trading, moreover, one is always in conflict of interest with the broker and does not trade real prices. I switched to futures trading and continued my education with two more coaching sessions. I will also talk about this in detail.

In the course of time I developed my own trading style and still today I am constantly perfecting it. In this blog I would like to report on my experiences and give interested readers tips that could be a shortcut to their success. Trading is not an easy business, exchange is helpful!

In parallel, of course, I continued in the field of long-term investment. I switched from actively managed funds to ETFs, built my own retirement strategy, and laid out a selection of individual stocks for possible early retirement.

My mission

The topic “retirement planning” is a matter of the heart for me! In school, no one is taught the right way to handle money. Everybody is aware of the pension problem, but takes the initiative much too late or gets ripped off by banks and commission-dependent advisors. I want to change that!

I would like to get rid of the general tenor that “shares are evil” or “I don’t have any money to save” once and for all and show with little tricks in everyday life how a long-term and sustainable investment for retirement provision is possible for everyone. Do not rely on others and take your life into your own hands!

In the field of trading there are many charlatans who actually only sell expensive dreams to others, which do not have much to do with reality. Here I want to tell about my positive experiences to offer interested people a shortcut.

I have a lot to tell and I am just starting…

Andreas Stegmüller

Andreas is the founder and operator of this blog. During his more than ten-year editorial career, he has written for several major media outlets on a wide variety of topics. The stock market has been his passion since 2016.

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