An election appeal for the 2024 European elections

The European elections will take place from June 6 to 9, 2024. We are all called upon to cast our vote. The election is of great importance because it will decide the future of Europe and therefore also the future of the community of states, the economy and our daily lives. Much of what is decided in Brussels affects us in Germany.

The European Union is facing major challenges: Climate change, digital transformation, social justice and securing peace and stability. War is still raging in Ukraine, driven by the Russian aggressor Putin. There is also fierce fighting in Israel and the Gaza Strip, and new trouble spots are emerging in many places around the world. As Europeans, we must stand together and stand up for and defend the free, democratic world.

Our vote counts when it comes to tackling these challenges and determining the direction in which Europe should develop. By voting, we can have a say in who represents our interests in the European Parliament. Every vote we cast decides which political priorities are set and which values and goals should be at the heart of European politics. Democratic participation is a cornerstone of the EU – each of us has the opportunity to play an active role in shaping Europe.

Every vote counts and makes a difference

Every vote can be a signal for a united, strong and future-oriented Europe. Every vote strengthens democracy and ensures that the diversity and will of European citizens are reflected in political decisions. Especially in times of increasing polarization and populism, it is crucial to support fact-based party communities and political groups. By participating in elections, you can play your part in keeping extremism and radical ideas at bay.

Let’s stand together for a Europe that protects and promotes the interests of all people, where we live, work and shape our future.

Use your right to vote and go to the 2024 European elections. Your vote counts: For a strong Europe!

P.S.: If you have not yet decided which party you should send from Germany to Brussels: The Wahl-O-Mat can help!

Andreas Stegmüller

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