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In mid-August, we celebrated the launch of this blog with, among other things, a detailed series of articles on the German pension system. For about a week, we published a new article every day with lots of exciting background information and calculations on pensions and addressed the numerous problems to create motivation to provide for oneself.

We not only explained the rough way it works with its earning points, but also made an exemplary calculation of one’s own pension gap to show that everyone in Germany should urgently make provisions to avoid financial problems in old age. We also criticized the pension information and wished for a clearer presentation of the actual problems surrounding inflation, taxation and the actual pension amount. Furthermore, we addressed demographic change and clearly showed that the pension problem will become even more acute in the coming years and will not be secure and stable – as claimed or at least promised by many politicians. This should perhaps be borne in mind for the upcoming federal election. Women and low-income earners in particular have a high probability of slipping into old-age poverty later on if they do not recognize the problem in time and make additional provisions on their own.

Of course, we didn’t just crap all over the German pension system and criticize it. We also made suggestions for improvements that liberals in particular would like to see implemented in this way, and which have already been successfully implemented, using Sweden and Norway as examples. Last but not least, Andreas revealed his personal opinion and told us how he himself deals with the issue of pensions and what precautions he has taken.

At this point, we would like to clearly list all published articles on the German pension system for further reading.

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