Brief introduction: The insyt finance app

Anyone who wants to have a good overview of their investments, even after years of investing on their own responsibility, will have accumulated quite a few apps on their smartphone over time. This starts with the app for the securities account, probably goes beyond that of the second securities account, and perhaps ends with tracking tools for the Lego or even watch collection. Certainly, one or the other cryptowallet is likely to be installed as well. The app from insyt finance tries to bundle all of this into a single application and also offers some valuable features that simplify the investor’s life.

Divided into five different subsections, the app from insyt finance, which is offered for free for Android and iOS devices, is all very data-driven. While the news section provides numerous stock market news from the German and international markets and these can even be assigned to the user’s own securities if desired, the user’s own investments can be stored in the portfolio section in order to track them better. The individual securities can be searched for using the search function and added in the appropriate number.

Portfolio Tracking, Planner, Finder and Academy

After that, you will be clearly informed about your current top performers, get a clear representation of the individual sectors, the portfolio composition or the latest distributions listed. Not only ETFs and individual stocks can be added to the portfolio, but also the most important cryptocurrencies or even other asset classes such as commodities, watches and NFTs. The app automatically pulls the latest price data and displays important key figures such as market capitalization, dividend yield, turnover data or comparable stocks.

You get a quick overview of your portfolio with lots of background information.

If, for example, you notice an underweighting in a particular sector, you can use the Planner function to record this and specify the number of shares you would like to buy next, which are then placed separately on a kind of buy list with the current daily total costs so that they are not forgotten. If desired, the capital required for this is calculated or the number of shares that one can afford with the funds deposited in the app is calculated. Of course, a classic watchlist is integrated, which can be used to monitor previously selected securities and cryptocurrencies.

Another centerpiece is the ETF and stock finder. It can be used to research suitable ETFs and individual stocks with just a few finger tabs. All you have to do is enter your personal investor preferences, such as sector, index, location or sustainability aspects. This makes lengthy Internet research almost obsolete.

The Academy section is also designed to help investors. Here users can learn more about investing and ETFs, get book recommendations and numerous FAQs on brokers, strategies, risks and taxes answered. It is a huge information pool for beginners and advanced investors. You can also find various community strategies from well-known bloggers and influencers. We are also included there with our ideas.

Young, motivated team

Behind the creators of the insyt finance app is a young team of four whose shared passion is finance and technology. Partly while studying, often after working the actual main job, they work on their vision to help as many people as possible to build wealth, to be able to retire carefree and ultimately to become more independent. Everyone should be able to make their own investment decisions. The app is intended to play its part in this.

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