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Even though there is of course still nothing to be said against using an established crypto exchange, the last few months in particular have shown how quickly even the supposedly largest and most secure trading platforms can disappear from the screen or at least falter.

The problem here is that, unlike with classic stock brokers, the assets of customers are not declared as special assets and are therefore not secured against its insolvency. If an exchange goes bankrupt or even makes an exit scam, the assets deposited there are lost. “Nor your keys, not your coins” is the keyword.

This risk can at least be mitigated somewhat by sending your cryptocurrencies directly to your own wallet after purchase, or better yet, to your hardware wallet.

Purchase to your own software wallet

At least for buying Bitcoin, there is a very good middle ground: the Relai app. This is a Swiss platform that sends the Bitcoin purchased there directly to the user’s own software wallet, from where he can manage his coins himself at any time. You own the private key via the twelve individual words and theoretically always have access to your deposits. Relai, on the other hand, has no access to the wallets of its customers. They are responsible for everything themselves.

Of course, the Relai app and the integrated software wallet can be used to send the deposit in full to an external wallet in exchange for the network’s usual transaction fees. Relai even offers this option directly at the time of purchase, although for regulatory reasons this must then be digitally signed beforehand to confirm ownership. Those who want to bypass this first buy their shares into the Relai wallet and only then send them on.

But that’s not all: Relai not only offers Bitcoin for one-time purchases, but also allows regular purchases, which can then be carried out completely automatically in a weekly or monthly rhythm. Quasi like a fully automatic savings plan. As a rule, the platform charges a basic fee of 2.5% and assesses an additional fee of 3% for European cards for credit and debit card purchases.

However, this can be reduced by up to 1.5 percentage points via an investment of at least 100 euros, via an automatic savings plan and via the use of a referral code (REL155073), which means that you end up paying only 1% in fees. Who then also pays by bank transfer, saves the additional card fees. Then the purchase is carried out directly after the money is received by Relai on a daily basis.

Savings plan option and cheap trading

Since recently, Bitcoin can also be purchased once a month completely without the fees assessed by Relai up to an amount of 100 euros, which means that the only decentralized cryptocurrency can be acquired completely free of charge. The Swiss want to expand this free trade in the coming months by also enabling the elimination of fees for savings plans or even larger sums. Of course, selling directly via the app is also possible.

Overall, the Relai app relies on a very plain and simple design, whose interface makes it particularly easy to buy and sell Bitcoin or to send and receive them via the wallet. Especially the savings plan option and the fact that there is a dedicated wallet with mnemonic phrase is unbeatable!

Tip: Via our referral code REL155073, one can reduce the fees outside of the already free Bitcoin purchase by 0.5 percentage points and that with every purchase. At the same time you support to be able to read more articles like this one for free.
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