The crypto market is extremely fast-moving

We have had to learn several times in recent days that a risk warning cannot be mentioned often enough. Although all content on these pages is created with the utmost care, no guarantee can be given for accuracy, completeness and timeliness. Furthermore, the contents shown here do not constitute investment advice and should not replace the visit to a financial advisor – hopefully exclusively on a fee basis.

The reason why we prominently refer to our risk notice, which can be found on all our pages in the footer, is the following: The market and especially the crypto sector are extremely fast-moving. What we wrote yesterday and published today may be outdated tomorrow. Just a few days ago, we published a guide on how to earn a high annual return on the Terra blockchain and UST stablecoin, well above the percentages of overnight or even fixed deposit accounts.

While the instructions are still highly relevant and can be completed step by step like this, the interest rates will not stay like this for much longer. If you currently still get around 19.5% return per year, the developers of the Anchor savings protocol will soon switch to a dynamic interest rate, which is composed according to the ratio of available liquidity and actually borrowed Coins and can therefore change continuously. The actual interest rate will vary from month to month. In April, it will be lowered by 1.5 percentage points to 15%, which of course is still not a bad value.

Lower interest rates also at

Our favorite crypto platform – – has also adjusted its earn program as of April. While you used to earn up to 12% interest per month on a 3-month term, depending on the card tier, and could even earn an additional 2% in CRO tokens in some cases, it is now significantly less. Now, even in the highest card tier, there is only 8% + 2% in CRO tokens. The interest rates have been lowered by a third.

But that’s not all: If you put more than 30,000 US dollars into lending at, the interest rates will be cut in half as well. Then, instead of the 8% just mentioned, there is only 4%. Such a development can be seen on many platforms on the market – the interest rates are being lowered almost everywhere.

These two examples make it clear how quickly the crypto market develops and how quickly things can change from one day to the next. We therefore always recommend checking whether the offers mentioned are still up to date before signing a contract. After all, we invest our money on our own responsibility!


  • the crypto market is developing extraordinarily fast
  • interest rates that apply today may no longer exist tomorrow
  • our risk advice remains indispensable

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