It’s all about supply and demand

The concept of supply and demand is often only applied in economics and business administration. Both are supposed to meet on any market, where there are sellers who offer goods or services and buyers who, as demanders, want to purchase just such. Ideally, both parties negotiate to agree on a price. Only when both are satisfied does the deal go through.

The lower the final price, the more buyers will enter the market, while the higher the price, the more sellers will also want to sell the product. A market always seeks its equilibrium of supply and demand and thus the price with which most buyers and sellers are satisfied.

In fact, this principle can be applied to all areas of our lives and thus also applies to employment, dating or even sex. We are constantly asking for something and bringing a certain offer. Only when both are in balance and all parties are satisfied can supply and demand be balanced.

Whether it’s employment or sex: everyone has their set screws

An example: A company offers a job at certain conditions in terms of salary or working conditions and is looking for a new employee. A prospective employee, on the other hand, brings a certain level of education to the offer and has defined requirements for his or her new job. Only when both are satisfied with the offer of the other, they can serve their respective demand: The one then exchanges his knowledge and time for the opportunity to work and receive a certain salary.

If the contract is not concluded, both sides each have the opportunity to revise their supply and demand sides. The potential employee could, for example, increase his level of education by taking further training or simply accept a lower salary grade. The employer, on the other hand, can improve salary or provide a more attractive work environment. Both sides have it in their hands to increase the chances of closing a deal and thus cannot simply blame the other side if they fail to serve their demand side for once.

This is similar with sex: Only when both partners agree does the act occur. If one of the two experiences the rejection of the other, it may be because he has not taken good enough care of his appearance or simply makes too high demands on the other side in terms of attractiveness. You can turn both screws: Pay more attention to his appearance, give away more kindness and love and also give a chance to those with whom it may not have sparked right away.

Acting on your own responsibility instead of pointing fingers

If you take to heart the idea of always being able to make changes yourself on the supply and demand side and not just pointing the finger at the other side, you can control and influence a lot in your life and, above all, act on your own responsibility.

Instead of blaming everything on the bad landlord, the stingy boss or the stupid teacher, you look for solutions yourself and inevitably always deal with the position of the other side. However, this is always the more difficult way, but one is not limited in one’s possibilities.

Everyone carries always and everywhere a certain joint guilt, if it should run once not in such a way, as one imagines it. Each market regulates continuously, an auction is never finished, because the participants change constantly and constantly tweak their demand and supply situation – we are always part of the big picture!

Andreas Stegmüller

Andreas is the founder and operator of this blog. During his more than ten-year editorial career, he has written for several major media outlets on a wide variety of topics. The stock market has been his passion since 2016.

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