Brave Browser: Earn cryptocurrency while browsing

Those who browse the Internet usually do so with a browser like Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Microsoft’s Edge or the Opera browser. They are all fast and can be upgraded to useful helpers with a few plugins. Especially among cryptocurrency users, one browser in particular has established itself in recent years: Brave. It has a few special features to offer, which we would like to present in detail in this article.

Technically, the Brave browser is based on Google’s Chromium and is in no way inferior to the market leader in terms of website compatibility and speed. Interface and operation are also quite identical. Under the hood, however, the Brave browser offers a few more features. The developers recently integrated their own crypto wallet, where a selection of cryptocurrencies can be stored. This is similar to the prominent offshoots like Metamask or Terra Station and the DeFi wallet of

Many functions for more privacy

Also on board is a simple integration of the TOR network, which allows you to move anonymously through the Internet, because accesses are made via several nodes and servers, which makes tracking more difficult. However, you lose some speed here. Google’s search engine can still be selected, but Brave also comes with DuckDuckGo or even its own search engine ex works, both of which have a good reputation in terms of data protection. On top of that, the browser blocks ads and trackers without additional plugins to further improve the user’s privacy.

However, the real highlight is the integration of its own cryptocurrency, the BAT tokens. If desired, the Brave browser displays up to 20 ads via the notification system of the respective operating system and thus lets the user share in the revenue. On Windows, the ad banners run discreetly via the notification center on the lower right of the screen; on macOS, the ads are displayed via the usual banners in the upper right. When the ad is clicked, Brave automatically opens a tab to view the actual content of the ad.

Users can collect BAT token

At the end of each month, Brave Rewards are distributed to the users, which can then theoretically be exchanged for other coins or a fiat currency like the euro or the US dollar via an exchange. So far, this works exclusively via Gemini and uphold, which unfortunately do not offer their services in this country. Direct redemption of BAT tokens is currently not (yet) possible in Germany.

On average, we receive about five to seven BATs per month. The Basic Attention Token was just under 0.70 US cents at the time of going to press. Around 5 US dollars per month can thus be earned easily in Germany.

Even if you can’t redeem the tokens in this country (anymore), you can distribute the BAT tokens to verified websites and content providers that participate in the Brave publisher program. Using the Brave icon right next to the search bar, you can give away your tokens to YouTube channel owners, Reddit users, Twitter users or website owners. The only requirement: you have to have signed up for it beforehand. You can also donate your BAT tokens to us. With the introduction of our own wallet, the BAT tokens should soon be exchangeable for real money in Germany as well. Until then, you can collect them diligently. We have been using the Brave browser for almost two years now and have already been able to accumulate over 100 BAT.

The download of the Brave browser is available directly via this link. The browser is now also available for mobile devices such as Android smartphones or the Apple iPhone and shares bookmarks and history automatically via the cloud. At last count, more than 50.2 million users use the browser, of which 15.5 million use it daily. By comparison, Firefox has over 200 million monthly users.


  • Brave is based on Google’s Chromium
  • it is a fast and reliable browser
  • it has its own wallet for cryptocurrencies
  • provides easy access to the TOR network
  • has some privacy enhancing features
  • BAT tokens can be collected by displaying advertisements
  • which can then be exchanged for money or donated to website operators

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