Motivational Candy: The Freedom Calendar

The fact that I have a pretty good overview of the finances and not only log my expenses to the penny with the help of a budget book, but also the development of my stock portfolios and cryptocurrencies in detail, that should have already penetrated many of my blog posts. This daily work gives me a good overview of the current status and also serves motivational purposes, because you can always see how the passive income is growing steadily and the snowball is slowly but surely rolling.

This works not only in the form of bar charts, but also in the form of a freedom calendar, as I call it. I’m very happy about my current standard of living, so I know my monthly expenses very well. I know what I spend on food on average, how high my utility costs for heating, water, garbage and co. will be at the end of the year and have a good overview of my other expenses for the smartphone, Internet or the one or other streaming service. Of course, even my rent can’t increase that quickly.

Passive income pays more and more days

I simply calculate all these costs and expenses down to a single day to determine how much money I need to receive daily through passive income in order to live on it for a day. Then, when dividends come in, for example, and they fully cover one, I cross a day off my calendar. I have gained an extra day of not having to work to cover my standard of living. At the beginning it may be days, but over the years it becomes months.

If you manage to generate enough passive income to cover a complete month, you theoretically only have to work eleven times a year. With every passive income, you buy yourself a bit of freedom and steadily become more independent of others. I start my freedom calendar anew every year.

It is worthwhile to keep at it! There will be more and more days on the freedom calendar!


  • break down all expenses to one day
  • if new passive income reaches the daily sum, one deletes a day in the calendar
  • you do not have to go to work for this day

Andreas Stegmüller

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