Money comes and goes, it’s the other things

Money and assets create freedom. If you have a lot of money in the bank, you are not only prepared for unforeseeable events and can go on a well-deserved holiday without a care in the world, but you also have a certain amount of freedom in everyday life because you are no longer dependent on your employer or superiors and you can theoretically put up with a period of unemployment without getting into financial difficulties. You go through life more relaxed – money is printed freedom.

Until then, for many people it is more likely that “time is money”. Those who spend a lot of time at work or strive to always increase their income are likely to earn well accordingly. One spends time to get more money, which in turn can be used to acquire the freedoms mentioned above or to get more free time. One thing, however, should be clear: The time factor in our lives is much more limited than the money factor.

Money comes and goes, but our lifetime is limited and cannot be increased any further. If you waste your time, you may waste your entire life. Once time as a resource is used up, it cannot be restored. Every second, minute and hour that passes is irretrievably lost.

It is the other things that are important

If you become aware of this, you may change your perspective on life as a whole. You no longer chase every penny, but perhaps concentrate on consciously enjoying your life and spending your time on the things that are really important in life: Family, friends and relationships.

On average, we spend just 88 Christmases, Easter holidays and New Year’s Eve. We experience winter, spring, autumn and summer an average of 88 times. This number is even reduced because we most likely cannot remember the first two to four years of our lives.

That’s not much, and a festival is quickly wasted because we may have fallen out. This mistake cannot be corrected later. The clock of life ticks on tirelessly. When we are young, we may have hardly any obligations and thus more time than average, but later this turns around: We have more money, but due to job, career and family commitments, less time.

A healthy middle course should therefore always be the goal. Don’t waste time, take care of your loved ones and collect money for your freedoms to create as many memories as possible that no one can take away from Euro later. Money comes and goes, can be earned anew at any time – time and memories remain limited!

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