Everyday shares: Like left pocket, right pocket

Anyone who invests in individual shares participates directly in the company, has a certain say as a shareholder, is pleased when sales and profits increase, and goes through thick and thin with his company in the event of losses and in difficult times. Above all, each shareholder owns a tiny little part of the company – even if it is perhaps only a desk or a computer. Nevertheless, this fact can be a great motivator when it comes to building up your own long-term wealth.

After all, if you are a shareholder in companies that you constantly come across in your everyday life, you get a daily insight into the success of your investment. For example, you can be pleased at the supermarket checkout when the products of the company in which you have invested are pushed over the checkout belt in large numbers and thus consumed by everyone. If, on the other hand, you take it to heart yourself, it’s like left pocket, right pocket: you consume and at the same time contribute to sales growth. Main no longer simply spends money.

This is true even when you look at the smartphones, laptops, televisions, vehicles and vacation destinations of those around you. Those who have broadly diversified investments have a high probability that one of their investments is involved in all of this.

A typical day with many stock companies

Our portfolios contain several such everyday stocks: Immediately after getting up, we reach for our Apple smartphone, then have breakfast with muesli from Nestlé, drink tea from Unilever, finally brush our teeth with products from Procter & Gamble, grab a quick coffee at Starbucks on the way to work, and hop on the Siemens train. Once at work, we fire up the Dell computer and programs from Microsoft and SAP. For lunch, we make a quick stop at McDonald’s and drink a refreshing Coca Cola. In the afternoon, we refuel our Daimler Benz company car at Shell and make our way to the airport, where we fly on a Lufthansa Airbus plane to a customer meeting. Once there, we treat ourselves to a freshly tapped beer from Anheuser-Busch at the hotel bar of the Marriott Hotel, which we paid for with our company’s Visa card, and finally end the day with a Netflix series or our Nintendo Switch after placing an Amazon* order.

21 possible stock investments in just one day and we surely came across many more unnoticed in our daily lives! If you go through life with open investment eyes, you can constantly discover new, exciting stock companies and motivate yourself to be a part of them every day. A great feeling!

Andreas Stegmüller

Andreas is the founder and operator of this blog. During his more than ten-year editorial career, he has written for several major media outlets on a wide variety of topics. The stock market has been his passion since 2016.

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