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Anyone who is concerned with their long-term wealth accumulation and is looking after their retirement provision should regularly think outside the box and not just form their knowledge and opinion from a single person or a single medium – certainly not rely on individual stock recommendations. In the past, we have already disclosed our financial bubble and recommended YouTube channels, blogs as well as podcasters, which we ourselves found to be good and some of which we still follow regularly today. Following on from this, we now recommend the documentary “Germany, Your Financial Influencers”.

In the 100-minute-long video documentary, Timo Baudzus, editor-in-chief of extraETF magazine, and Sarah Klinkhammer from the YouTube channel “Wir lieben Steuern” (We love taxes) rattle off all of Germany to visit as many well-known financial influencers in the scene as possible. Among other things, they talk to Lars Erichsen about trading, financial freedom and his long-term investment, but also visit Jonathan Neuscheler from Abilitato and Torsten Tiedt from Aktienfinder to talk about their approaches to fundamental and technical stock analysis.

Of course, the program also included a visit to the ETF Pope par excellence, Gerd Kommer, the author of the very popular and successful book “Souverän investieren mit Indexfonds und ETFs*” (“Investing confidently with index funds and ETFs”) in Germany. Other stops included a visit to financial rocker Daniel Korth, Camilla Sohn alias “Caminvesta” and “Fortunalista”, Margarethe Honisch.

100 minutes of good entertainment

A total of seven financial influencers from all over Germany were visited and interviewed, and in some cases the agenda included sports activities or trips on the Trave River in an e-boat. The focus was of course on their projects, philosophy and motivation. For the entertainment the house visits are interrupted again and again by short, entertaining discussions of the two moderators and so a small history around the whole action is stretched.

If you want to expand your financial research network, you should definitely watch the documentary!

The following financial fluencers were visited:

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