Doing good: A call for donations

For many people, Advent is an occasion to slow down, pause and spend time with loved ones. But for many, it is also a time to say “thank you” and show solidarity. That was especially important this year in light of the devastating floods in western Germany, but especially because of the Corona pandemic that is still ongoing.

We had to worry about people whose belongings had been destroyed in a very short time and who had lost their homes or even their entire homeland. We had to worry about people who had lost a loved one. We had to limit our social life to protect others and to save a whole system from collapse. This presented many with emotional and financial challenges.

Although we live in one of the richest countries on earth, there are still people in this country who do not have a roof over their heads, or even have to go hungry. In addition, people are excluded from social life because they can no longer afford coffee and cake. I am thinking here especially of those who receive very little pension, even though they have worked all their lives and thus contributed their share to society. Old-age poverty is a major issue in Germany and is likely to get worse in the coming decades.

We have to help all these people and can do so with a small donation. I automatically set aside 1% of my net salary every month for this purpose. I regularly donate this amount to charity. This year, part of it goes to the food banks. This is even possible on a regional basis. Here, every day, many volunteers look after the needy of this country with heart and commitment in over 950 German cities. They distribute food donations, help out with necessary everyday items and have an open ear for the concerns of their fellow human beings. They make the lives of others a bit more livable!

Every donation, no matter how small, helps! Together we can do great things, achieve a lot and thus reduce poverty and injustice! Thank you to every donor and thank you to every volunteer in this country!

Thank you! Have a great Advent season!

Andreas Stegmüller

Andreas is the founder and operator of this blog. During his more than ten-year editorial career, he has written for several major media outlets on a wide variety of topics. The stock market has been his passion since 2016.

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