TradingForFuture wishes you a Merry Christmas!

For many of us, the time before Christmas is particularly stressful. Not only because you have to finish the year at work or fulfill the last customer requests of the year, but also because a lot happens emotionally. Advent is often the time to question many things in life and to make new plans for the future. However, it is often the little things in life that make us and our society better: be it a friendly smile at the supermarket checkout or a heartfelt thank you to the waitress in the pub.

This year, solidarity was particularly in demand. Due to the Corona pandemic, we had to limit social contacts, keep our distance and wear masks. But we did this not only to protect ourselves, but above all to protect others. Unfortunately, not everyone understood this, preferring to pass the responsibility on to others so as not to have to restrict themselves. I would wish that our society would once again place more value on reason, solidarity and personal responsibility and not let these terms degenerate into swear words. After all, a community is only as strong as its weakest link. It is no use if everyone is next to himself.

Meanwhile, we’re actually doing pretty well: we have a welfare state that cushions us, a functioning healthcare system with the best possible care and, above all, a strong economy that can even develop vaccines in record time. It is a great privilege to live in such a time and in such a country! Let us pay more attention to those who do not have this good fortune and take care of those whose shoulders are weaker than ours. When we change, we change everything!

In this sense: Merry Christmas!

We will also take it more quietly in the next few days and celebrate with the family. Therefore, fewer articles will appear on However, a review of the year with the latest reader numbers, the most popular articles and new sales figures is still planned for New Year’s Eve.

Stay healthy and visit us again in 2022 as numerous as in the last weeks! If you still need a last-minute gift, take a look at our book recommendations!

Andreas Stegmüller

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