My financial bubble: These are good financial influencers

Anyone who seriously wants to deal with the topic of finance today has to do their own research. Money management is not taught in school, and even at large financial institutions, their own monetary interests are usually greater than the well-being of their customers. On the contrary, they also earn money from their ignorance. Fortunately, there are some bloggers, YouTubers and influencers on the Internet who deal with the topic seriously and honestly. I have also taken a lot from them. A few of them are featured in this post.

Money and Finances

In this category, we deal with bloggers and YouTubers whose content mainly deals with the topics of money and finance.

Aktien mit Kopf

Behind the YouTube channel and Instagram profile “Aktien mit Kopf” is Kolja Barghoorn. Initially, the now 36-year-old focused on fitness videos. He quickly realized that work, time and money are closely linked and decided to produce videos so that he wouldn’t have to constantly tell others about his content from the new guy. Over time, he eventually switched topics from fitness to finance and has since been covering stocks, P2P lending, ETFs, and other forms of investing. He gives tips on how to find interesting stocks, reports regularly on his investments and publishes elaborately researched stock analyses. He has also published one or the other documentary on well-known personalities on his YouTube channel in the past. In addition, there are exciting interviews every now and then. Beginners and advanced traders constantly get new and well-founded input here.


Thomas Kehl is the face behind the YouTube channel Finanzfluss, which is one of the largest financial channels in Germany with over 793,000 subscribers. Together with his team, he populates a blog, a YouTube channel and, more recently, even his own podcast and, of course, an Instagram channel with new content on an almost daily basis. Whether you want to compare checking accounts, calculate the pension gap, or deal with in-depth content mainly on ETF topics, Finanzfluss is the place to go. New videos are always posted on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm and Sundays at 10:00 am. He is an advocate of the 70:30 split of MSCI World and Emerging Markets.


“Invest smart, not hard” is the motto of Bastian Glasser and his project Talerbox. For him, too, it’s pretty much all about long-term investing, but it’s much more broadly based than for so many others. He not only tracks the world portfolio via various ETFs and ETCs, but is also invested in various cryptocurrencies, P2P loans and other investments. He relies on easy-to-understand videos with intricately animated content.

Homo Oeconomicus

Aaron Israel also has a very broad-based YouTube channel on which he logs his financial journey like a kind of diary. He is an advocate of a broadly diversified dividend portfolio and individual stocks, which he mainly stocks via monthly savings plans, but has now also made ETFs a major pillar of his retirement provision. At the beginning of his YouTube career he lived in Leipzig as a student, in the following years he discovered traveling for himself and lives from the income of his self-built t-shirt business. After a long stay in Georgia, he has now moved to Cyprus. No wonder that he also reports on his travels and experiences and shows how Germany compares in each case.

Tim Schäfer

Tim Schäfer is one of the original figures in the German financial scene.He has managed to become financially free through long-term stock investments and now lives in the middle of the financial district of New York in the USA.In his videos, he regularly takes his viewers around the city and talks about his experiences with stocks and how he is always discovering new ones to report on.As a self-employed financial journalist, he has written for numerous major media outlets and met some well-known personalities such as Warren Buffet in person.He is a calm and level-headed mentor to many.

ISI finance

The twins Isabell and Nathalie Baruth, together with their brother Dominik, already run several companies despite their young age of just 22.One of them is ISI finance, a project that mainly revolves around the topic of finance.Among other things, they explain on YouTube that investing money is easy, show how to master it and why it’s important not to wait too long.Finance is just Isi – that’s their slogan!


Torsten Tiedt is the brains behind the Stock Finder and the blog of the same name.Out of his passion for individual stocks, he has developed a comprehensive tool that can almost automatically determine the quality of a stock.Based on numerous criteria, one can visually see how the quality of an individual stock is determined.Among other things, the tool displays past dividend payments, compares them with earnings and free cash flow, and calculates the pay-out ratio fully automatically. This makes it possible to quickly find out whether a company is overvalued or undervalued, which is of great importance for investment success. The fair value is easily determined based on the current price for each share.

You can learn how this works on his YouTube channel and blog. Of course, he also provides his viewers and readers there with numerous tips and empirical values.


In this category we deal with bloggers and YouTubers whose content is mostly about cryptocurrencies.


For Blocktrainer aka Roman Reher, bitcoin is a real matter of the heart.For him, cryptocurrency is not just another investment option, but the product of the future that will be able to eradicate many problems of our existing financial system.He knows how to explain the complex technology behind it in a simple way and deals a lot with the topics of decentralization and blockchain. The project includes, among other things, a blog with extensive analyses and a YouTube channel with a lot of background information.


Mirco Recksiek is a bit broader in terms of cryptocurrencies and on top of that deals with altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano or Ripple. He reports on the latest news from the crypto world on his YouTube channel and blog and even publishes numerous articles on this topic for other major media. As an economist and social scientist, he stands for exciting analyses and interesting background information.


In this category we deal with bloggers and YouTubers whose content mainly deals with tax topics.

Steuern mit Kopf

Steuern mit Kopf is another project by Kolja Barghoorn and thus of the “Mit Kopf” empire. However, behind the project is Roland Eilas, online tax consultant from Regensburg, who has been working in the field of taxes for over ten years. The aim of his YouTube channel is to use his tips and tricks to teach everyone how to prepare their own tax returns independently without any problems. However, his core topics are also the taxation of sole proprietorships, cryptocurrencies and influencers.

Wir lieben Steuern

The channel of Franzi, Helen and Sarah, who started the joint project “We love taxes” at the beginning of the year, also provides exciting background information and tax tips. They also want to show that taxes aren’t evil sorcery and practically live it in their likeable and simply explained videos. They also report on behind-the-scenes issues and recently visited the tax court in Münster.


In this category we deal with YouTubers whose content is mostly about futures trading.

IB Trader

In a video in 2017, Ivan Brzovic reckoned with the entire German trading industry and thus gained notoriety in the scene. As a former pro trader, he has made it his mission to provide budding traders with tips and tricks around futures trading. In an honest way and with clear words, he reveals a lot of information on his YouTube channel for free and shows how trading really works.


Eugen Denisenko is also a trader by passion and is tired of other coaches selling only expensive dreams with false information. He has developed his own trading system and is also active in extremely short-term scalping. On YouTube, among other things, he has started a challenge to show how to trade profitably with a leveraged account. He gives his viewers helpful tips along the way and insights into his trading.

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